I'm from Spain, I have 22 years.
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Es el mejor jugador del mundo y probablemente el mejor de todos los tiempos. Es todo un genio
frank lampard


Love/Hate cast from the SARI Soccerfest Facebook Page +


Ewan McGregor / Mark Renton. Trainspotting 1996.

Director: Danny Boyle.

Am I the only one??



Don’t know if anyone else has bought this up but…

Naughty Elsa swearing at the captain.



 Shakespeare + Hook // parallels 


Matthieu Charneau

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Not sure what year this is, but Lampard and Terry are babies.

19th August 2001: Frank Lampard made his debut against Newcastle.

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"When people first started asking me for autographs in my career, it was mostly just young boys forming small crowds, I’d always spend a lot of time making sure they all got their autographs, I’d even ask "is everyone satisfied?", because I had been in their shoes, and I knew how much it would have meant to me to get an autograph as a young boy, and what it would have felt like to leave without one. Now of course, the crowds are too big for me to get to everyone, but I always try my best, because I know what it means to them, through what it would have meant to me." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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